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Why choose a kitchen or bedroom created by KB Concept?

KB Concept has evolved from a small family run business by father and son combining their talents, to a now expanding company which offers a wide range of bespoke and individual kitchens and bedrooms.

The heart of any home is the kitchen. This is why, here at KB Concept, everything we create is handcrafted and only using the best materials, so the attention and care that is put into designing and making the kitchen is portrayed when the project is completed. Your kitchen will be full of character as everything is handcrafted. When you have visitors to your home you want to give them a warm and welcoming feel and with a kitchen from KB Concept that’s exactly what you will achieve.

When fitting a kitchen or bedroom, as well as creating a bespoke piece of furniture, only the best materials will be used. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction which is paramount to us at all times.

Equally as important as a kitchen in a home are the bedrooms, a place of tranquillity and relaxation. We can design and produce bespoke furniture for your bedroom including dressing tables and wardrobes made to exact measurements to fit perfectly.

There’s nothing made from wood that we can’t create!

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