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Biggest kitchen trends of 2017!

KB Concept incorporates the latest trends when breathing life into kitchens and bedrooms. Having trending features in your kitchen will mean that you are up to date and your kitchen gives a modern impression. One of the popular trends is staying away from simple walls. Many perceive traditional simple walls as dull and boring, this has sparked a trend in showing off your walls by designing ideas of how they can be made more interesting. A lot of examples include natural materials which coat the kitchen with an organic vibe.

How a kitchen can impact a home

The kitchen of any home is known as the heart of the house and here at KB Concept, we believe in this greatly. The kitchens that we create at KB Concept are bespoke to your requirements and no kitchen is the same as another.

When we manufacture a kitchen we build it with your home's character in mind, handcrafted to fit your space designed with love and care.

An office is just as important as a kitchen

KB Concept not only provides beautiful handcrafted kitchens, bathrooms and furniture for homes, we also provide furniture for corporate buildings and offices. Within the brief, we will provide unique products that will be manufactured to the highest quality. With our experience of working with architects, designers, developers and project management companies, we can provide excellent quality products for single or multiple houses.