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Spruce up Your Kitchen This Spring

During the winter months, it is important that your kitchen feels warm and cosy with palettes of deep reds and complementing greys. But winter is on the way out and it is time to get ready for spring by giving your kitchen a fresh lease of life. There are so many new trends coming in for 2017 – which means many of our 2016 favourites such as the beloved copper and rose gold items, will soon be out the door – according to experts that is. One colour which is set to make a statement in 2017 is green, which is an ideal option to transform any room in your home into a modern, trendy space. Another reason why green is making an impact this year is its ability to bring the colours from the outside in. We know most typical British spring days aren’t as sunny as we may hope, so when the weather disappoints you can still have a spring in your step with the splash of greenery throughout your kitchen.

Everyone dreams of their home representing a show home and with a kitchen hand crafted by us, this dream can become a reality. We design many different styles of kitchens, from shabby chic and traditional to modern and contemporary, on our
Flickr profile you can take a look at the many different styles of kitchens we have created and start thinking about what you would like your very own to look like.

Not everyone will be looking at having a whole new kitchen this spring, but even small elements added to your kitchen can have a huge impact. The experienced team at KB Concept can create you a stunning piece of furniture for your kitchen to give your home that spring clean feeling.

If you are considering having a brand-new kitchen or piece of furniture, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on 01342 477117 or by email at hello@kbconcept.net. We look forward to hearing from you.

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