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Freshen up your kitchen this spring

Give your kitchen a new lease of life this spring with a bespoke kitchen or a beautiful hand crafted piece of furniture from new doors to a completely new kitchen. KB Concept can create a beautifully handcrafted wooden door for your kitchen. Just having a single item from KB Concept can give your kitchen a whole new look and feel.

Spring is all about light colours such as the blues, greens and crèmes. If your kitchen is of the smaller scale, by having a light colour the area will look much bigger. A solid oak door against a light coloured unit or wall will create diversity within the kitchen, we provide great paint finishes in colours of your choice to fit the feel of your kitchen.

KB Concept not only provides high-end bespoke kitchens and bedrooms but also pieces of beautiful furniture. Having a whole new kitchen handcrafted and installed can prove to be costly, so if you don’t have the full budget for a kitchen but still desire a facelift for your kitchen talk to us and see what’s possible, a new look can still be achieved.

Our handcrafted kitchen doors that are created to fit your existing units can either be natural wood, to give that shabby chic feel or a sprayed door to match your colour scheme. Along with kitchen doors we can also provide unit doors for cupboards - if your kitchen is still in tip top condition and the doors on your units are looking worn down by having new ones your kitchen will look brand new again!

March is craft month and we at KB Concept are all about craft as everything we create is handcrafted with a huge amount of effort and care.

There’s nothing from wood that we can’t create!

If you are interested in a bespoke piece of furniture from KB Concept don’t hesitate to get in contact with us either by telephone 01342 477117 or by email hello@kbconcept.net.

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