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Discover the biggest Kitchen Interior trends of 2018!

With 2017 being a trend roller coaster with the modern and classic trends often overtaking each other in popularity, 2018 is set to be even more exciting with a range of new trends already coming into fruition. If you are wondering how to refresh your kitchen interior this year, read further.

Blue and green cabinetry are already becoming a popular trend across a variety of kitchens across the world. The colours mix well with other features and colours found in a modern day kitchen. This trend was also very big in 2017 and we are almost certain that it will make a comeback this year. Ultra Violet may come as a shock to many, but this is the colour of the year, the colour is already setting itself up to be the go to colour that kitchen owners are seeking an interior full of substance surprising their visitors with this unexpected colour choice. This bold colour is perfect for giving the feel of elegance and tranquillity.

New Year, New Kitchen Interior!

Counters have always been a popular choice when designing a kitchen interior that embraces and offers luxury at an affordable cost. In 2018 it seems to be the dark countertops standing tall above any other options, Dramatic dark stones captivate home owners and their guests alike, making this feature one to look out for this year!

It’s often the boldness that truly makes a kitchen interior stand out. Mixing colours has been a popular risk taken by many home owners around the world, and it seems to be paying off as a mix in colours and contrasts tend to complement the space in homes and create stunning effects. A trend which is to make the list this year is the addition of tech to your kitchen interior! Google Home and Amazon Alexa have both been seeing an increase in popularity as homeowners looks for the most recent tech to enhance their kitchens and households.

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