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About Us

About KB Concept
Designing and creating perfect furniture for a perfect home

KB Concept has evolved from a small family run business with Father and Son using their combined talents and skills, now expanding to offer a wider range of bespoke and individual kitchens and bedrooms.

In our infancy we fitted a lot of furniture and kitchens that were supplied by other companies where the quality and finish were poor and we found that we spent the majority of our time adapting them, often rebuilding in order to provide a high end finish that the client expected and which standard manufacturers weren’t able to achieve.

So why not use our skills and craftsmanship in designing, building and installing our own kitchens and bedrooms? This way we could ensure the highest standard of finish from the best quality materials. Not only do we then have happy customers with a bespoke and handmade design, that looks beautiful in their home but we leave the project knowing we can be proud of the end result.


KB Concept