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Biggest kitchen trends of 2017!

KB Concept incorporates the latest trends when breathing life into kitchens and bedrooms. Having trending features in your kitchen will mean that you are up to date and your kitchen gives a modern impression. One of the popular trends is staying away from simple walls. Many perceive traditional simple walls as dull and boring, this has sparked a trend in showing off your walls by designing ideas of how they can be made more interesting. A lot of examples include natural materials which coat the kitchen with an organic vibe. Mixing up your materials is another recent trend which sees different materials collide to create amazing patterns!

In 2017, it is important to create the wow factor within your kitchen which is why bold colours such as orange and green have seen a massive increase in popularity this year. Taking brave actions such as placing an orange oven in a predominantly white kitchen earns respect and creates a clash of the colour which comes together in perfect harmony that pleases the eyes.

Blending and lighting!

Another trend which seems to have been causing a stir for a few years and is still going strong now is the modern and classic theme. This trend sees classic materials and essentials blended with modern furniture which can also be made out of classic materials which have been trending for hundreds of years. These materials are timeless and have never gone out of fashion due to the glamour they offer. This contrast between old and new creates baffling beauty and elegance.

It was always a well-known fact that lighting is a crucial feature in any kitchen, however, recently people have been getting a lot more creative when choosing lighting and getting the right balance between the artificial light and natural light provided by the surroundings. The range of artificial light has increased and standard lighting is sometimes not enough. Placing lighting in aesthetic positions ensures that the kitchen has a crisp look and stuns visitors.

Whether your layout is awkward or simple, KB Concept can work around it and ensures that the end product will complement the rest of the property through the use of the latest and most popular trends. For more information about this year’s kitchen trends visit.

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